Shaill Jhaveri’s exuberant new collection refines and redefines the designer’s creative vision: pattern and narrative entwined in his signature delicate, detailed and sophisticated style. The results are current, contemporary, original and inventive.

For this newest grouping, the focus is on vibrant combinations of color and a more cohesive approach to how individual pieces flow together. “The collection is more defined and comprehensive in its execution, yet feels more expansive and broader in scope,” he explains.

Shaill has been the head of design for several leading US corporations, and has moved seamlessly between costume and fine jewelry throughout his career. He is the recipient of two DeBeers Diamond Today Awards, an Intergold Award from the World Gold Council, two awards from the Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council of India and a Design Scholarship from Tiffany and Company at Parsons School of Design. His jewelry is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

The designer, a native of India, lives and works in New York City.